Kazakhstan for New Zealanders

There's a lot to attract New Zealanders towards the tourist spots in Kazakhstan. You are never short of places to visit and things that you should do in Kazakhstan whether it is your first ever tour or you have visited before. Kazakhstan has very strong attractions for each and every one in almost every field. Whether it is art or history, culture or the outdoors Kazakhstan definitely has something for you. You can have great historic monuments, outdoor activities, clubbing and can also enjoy cultural activities by visiting Kazakhstan.

Geographical attractions

Kazakhstan actually has great geographical importance. It lies at the junction point of many old empires, the main routes of transportation, the intersection of different cultures can be found here. It links Asia and Europe ideologically, socially as well as economically. It is actually the joining point of East and the West. These multiple cultures and civilizations are a great source of attractions for New Zealanders. The southern part of Kazakhstan hosts great archeological, chronological, cultural and architectural monuments as it is a part of Great Silk Road. The Northern part of the country that runs through the southern part had been a great source of cultural exchange and the international trade in the past. The area of Kazakhstan that is modernized to a certain extent contains almost more than 22 sites that actually contain some ancient settlements. These also include the palaces of the Khans' that were the local rulers of the area.

Famous Tourists Attractions

The places that have been famous amongst the tourists include Taraz, Turkestan, and Almaty alongside the great city of Astana which is also the shining capital of the country. Muslims from around the globe consider the tomb of Khodja Akhmed Yassaui as a sacred place for them. The Muslim community from New Zealand often visits this tomb. The mausoleum is visited by almost 300 people daily. During the religious holidays this number increases even more. The Silk Road was administrated mainly from Taraz. The monuments of historical importance have been maintained and preserved in an extraordinary condition here. The toms of Davudbek and Karakhan that are world famous, ancient rulers' castles and the temples and other historical buildings bring people back to the Kazakhstan. They have also been a great attraction for the tourists.


The city of Almaty that spreads out at the foothills of the Zaili Alatau is one of the most beautiful cities of Kazakhstan having extremely wonderful surroundings. A very beautiful panorama of the city is opened by the Kok-Tobe that is also called the green top. Below this there lies a television tower that is actually 350 meter in height. The sparkling light at night make it even more beautiful view for the tourists and New Zealanders are extremely impressed by this view. There are many attractive restaurants and comfortable hotels that remain open for the tourists that are from different countries and most of them are New Zealanders. Some cafes also remain open till late at night and are a great source of recreation for the tourists.

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